RAF & Veterans Only Rocket League Tournament


Registration is open

BST time: 31, May 19:00

Participants: 10 / 512 6 ready / 4 not ready

PST time: 31, May 19:00

Rocket League , Single Elimination

Hosted by:

Registration is open


This is a tournament for RAF & Veterans ONLY!

Communication with the judges - via Discord channel (#rocket-league)

Twitch channel where the tournament will be streamed:

1. Format

Judges can change the format of the tournament at any time to ensure a more comfortable game. For example, if there are too many participants, then the number of rounds may decrease.

1.1 Tournament Format

  • Group stage (Day 1:) 2 groups of 6 teams (Round robin, bo3), the top 3 of each group advance to the playoffs
  • Play-off (Day 2:) 8 teams. Single elimination, Bo5. Grandfinal Bo7.
    • 1st from each group receive a bye to the Semi-Final
    • 2nd will play 3rd from the opposite group in the Quarter-Final

1.2 Match Settings

  • Server: Europe
  • Game Mode: Private Match - Soccar
  • Map: DFH Stadium (Day) is Default, however maps can be from any of the current Ranked map pool
  • Match Length: 5 Minutes
  • Size: 3v3