Storm Chess Friday Cup


Game: Storm Chess
Mode: 1on1

Communication with the judges - via Storm Chess Discord channel.

In case of problems on the page, press F5 on the keyboard (refresh the page).

How to find an opponent on the site?

  • When the tournament starts, press the green "play" button.
  • Click on it and you will go to the game room.
  • Here you will see your opponent's nickname and chess-board.
  • Click "Ready" and play!

You can read more about this in the FAQ.


  1. General Rules

1.1. Players must enter a nickname;

1.2. If both players did not show up for the tournament within 7 minutes, then both get defeated! Also, if your opponent did not show up within 7 minutes, a technical defeat is counted for him;

1.3. If there was a draw in the match, then each player gets one point.

1.4. In the case of a tie in a match, you must write to the judges, attaching a screenshot and specifying your nickname

2. Technical Rules

2.1. Game settings:

Platform: All

Game Speed: Normal

All matches of the tournament will go up to three wins, that is, 3-2, 3-1, or 3-0

3. Results

  • Results in the tournament are set automatically. If you do not agree with the result, then you need to contact the judges by presenting evidence.
  • After the party, click Continue, and then I'm Ready if the meeting continues. If there is no meeting, the platform will redirect you to the tournament page. You can track your position in the grid.

4. Restrictions

  • Abuse of any bugs is forbidden;
  • Abusive behaviour, including harassment and threats;
  • Players must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining an appropriate demeanor to spectators,, tournament administrators, and to other Players. These requirements apply to both offline and online, including with respect to social media conduct. All players are expected to adhere to the standards of good sportsmanship at all times;
  • Physical abuse, fighting or any threatening action or threatening language, directed at any Player, spectator, official or any other person;

5. Sanctions

5.1. Based on the violation, the sanctions can range from a warning to a block on the platform